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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it hurt?
    There isn't any pain but your ear canals are sensitive so it may feel strange. It has been discribed as intense tickling. It can be noisy, if its too noisy or there is anything you don't like I just stop.
  • How much Olive oil do I need to insert?
    To aid removal, the wax needs to have some oil in the ear canal. For microsuction, 2/3 days before appointment once or twice a day is normally enough. If you have a hearing aid, just insert olive oil in the evening to help avoid blocking your heard aid. If unsure if you have wax we can take a look first.
  • What Methods do you use to clear ear wax?
    Microsuction is the main method. This involves a small tube attached to a medical suction machine. Another method is irrigation which can be known as syringing. This involves using water to flush out the build up of ear wax and debris.
  • What can I expect after?
    There should be no pain after an appointment although some people can have itchy ear canals. You may have increased hearing. If there are any problems or concerns that contact me.
  • What will happen in the appointment?
    I examine your ears using an otoscope camera in which you are able to view yourself to see if you have a wax build up. We then decide the best method to use to remove that build up of wax. The appointment is 30 to 45 mins long.
  • Do you do home visits?
    Yes, please contact me to discuss a home visit. There may be an extra charge depending on location of visit.
  • Do you see children?
    Yes, I am insured to see children. Parents are always present. It depends on the child what method is used. We decide together after taking a look.
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